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Welcome to The Avenues Medical Centre. We are a family friendly, three-partner practice which has been serving the population of the surrounding area for many years. We currently provide medical services for just over 6000 patients in the West Hull area. We offer many medical services including chronic disease management, family planning and sexual health advice, stop smoking clinics, counselling, active lifesytles and dietician clinics.








How to register with the Practice


The Practice is currently accepting new patients. You will need to live within our Practice boundary, please ask as Reception for details.You may register in person, please bring your medical card, a form of photographic I.D and verification of address with you. If you do not have a medical card, please ask at Reception for the relevant forms to complete.

If you are wanting to register a new baby, we also ask you to complete the relevant forms.  We will need the baby's NHS number which should have been provided to you by the hospital where the baby was delivered.

When you register with the Practice you are not assigned to a specific doctor as you are able to see any of the doctors within the Practice.


Non-attendance policy


A significant amount of doctor and nursing time is wasted every month by patients making appointments which they fail to keep or fail to cancel.  The Practice monitors these appointments and if a patient consistently fails to attend for their appointments, they are contacted in writing.  If after the letter, the patient continues to offend, the doctors reserve the right to remove them from the Practice list.


you are unable to keep an appointment that you have already made, please let us know as soon as possible so we can use that time for somebody else.


Zero Tolerance Policy


The Practice is commited to producing a high quality level of care to our patients.  The relationship between the patients and those working at the Practice is an important issue and a two-way process.  Therefore, on order to protect both staff and patients, we respectfully point out that the following behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Threatening or abusive behavior
  • Verbal or physical abuse
  • Swearing
  • Drunkenness

Such behavior has a marked effect on staff and patients and therefore where such behavious is observed we reserve the right to withdraw from treating the patient and ensuring removal from the Practice list.

All acts of criminal violence or aggresion will be notified to the police immediately.


Chaperone Policy

Our Practice is committed to providing a safe comfortable environment where patients and staff can be confident that Best Practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.  A chaperone provides a safeguard for a patient against humiliation, pain, or distress during an examination and protects against verbal, physicial, sexual or other abuse for both patient and clinicain.  A chaperone can be requested and several trained staff are available, friends or family can accompany you, but the clinician has the right to request a chaperone, if they feel it necesssary.  It may, on rare occasions, be necessary to cancel and reshedule the appointment if no trained chaperones are availble.



There may be some treatment or procedures that require you to sign a consent form. The Practice understands and promotes 'Good Practice' regarding consents for adults, children and young people. Were a treatment or procedure is complex or involves significant risk, we may require wriiten consent. The Practice aims to provide information to patients on the care and treatment options available before they make consent decisions. Patients can be confident that their human rights are respected and taken into account at all times.

Mission Statement


The Avenues Medical Centre has no financial or commercial interests in any outside agencies, or any affiliation thereof.  All our patients are offered choice under Choose and Book.



Equal Opportunites

No member of staff at this Practice may discriminate against or treat less favourably another member of the Practice, a patient or member of the public attending the surgery, on grounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour or creed, age, marital status, disability, medical condition, social background or sexual orientation.  Respect and dignity are the right of everyone, patients and members of the public.


If you are a carer for someone please inform a member of our Reception Team who will ask you to complete form.  This is to enable us to offer you support and assistance in your role as a carer.  We can advise you and refer you onto support groups or Social Services if required.

The Citizens Advice Bureau also provides useful information for carers.


Disabled Access

Our Surgery accommodates our disabled patient's and those with pushchairs. We have toilets with disabled access, a car park at the rear for patients use if required and with prior arrangement and now all GP's are located on the Ground floor.


Out of Area Registration


New arrangements introduced from January 2015 give people greater choice when choosing a GP practice. Patients may approach any GP practice, even if they live outside the practice area, to see if they will be accepted on to the patient list.

GP practices have always had the ability to accept patients who live outside their practice area. Regardless of distance from the practice, the practice would still provide a home visit if clinically necessary.

The new arrangements mean GP practices now have the option to register patients who live outside the practice area but without any obligation to provide home visits.

Out of area registration (with or without home visits) is voluntary for GP practices meaning patients may be refused because they live out of area.

If your application is considered the GP practice will only register you without home visits if it is clinically appropriate and practical in your individual case. To do this we may:

- Ask you or the practice you are currently registered with questions about your health to help decide whether to register you in this way


- Ask you questions about why it is practical for you to attend this practice (for example, how many days during the week you would normally be able to attend)


If accepted, you will attend the practice and receive the full range of services provided as normal at the surgery. If you have an urgent care need and the surgery cannot help you at home we may ask you to call NHS 111 and they will put you in touch with a local service (this may be a face to face appointment with a local healthcare professional or a home visit where necessary).

We may decide that it is not in your best interests or practical for you to be registered in this way. In these circumstances we may offer you registration with home visits, for example, if you live just outside the practice area or we may not register you and advise you should seek to register (or remain registered) with a more local practice. If accepted but your health needs change we may review your registration to see if it would be more appropriate would be more appropriate for your to be registered with a GP practice closer to your home. The new arrangement only applies to GP practices and patients who live in England.

For more information visit the NHS Choices website www.nhs.uk.



If you would like this information in an alternative format, for example large print or easy to read, or if you need help with communicating with us, for example because you sue British Sign Language, please let us know.  You can call us on (01482) 343614 or email   sonia.coulson@nhs.net



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