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All consultations are by appointment which can be made via telephone or in person during the practice opening times.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible so that we can use that time for somebody else.  We try to keep to the appointment times and are sorry if sometimes you have to wait before you see the Doctor or Nurse.  This is because some problems take longer to deal with - please bear with us.

You have the right to express a preference of practitioner that you see, although this does mean that the 48 hour access may not be able to be fulfilled. Please notify the Receptionist when making an appointment if you have a preferred practitioner.


Advance Appointments

Nurse, phlebotomist and up to a third of doctor appointments are bookable in advance subject to availability.

When all the allocated pre-bookable appointments have been taken, or where we have reduced available slots due to patient or workforce demand, patients may have to ring back for a further release of pre-bookable appointments to become available.

This process helps ensure we can offer 'on the day' appointments for those who have become ill and need immediate attention, rather than those whose appointment is more routine or follow-up is less urgent.

We aim to offer pre-bookable Doctors appointments up to 28 days in advance, on a rolling day basis.


Return Appointments

The Doctors operate a system to ensure that if they need to see a patient for a follow-up appointment this can be done via Reception.

We will do our best to ensure patients can book with a doctor of their choice, however demand on appointments can sometimes mean this is not possible and you may be offered and appointment with another Doctor. Please be aware that all clinical notes are electronic, Doctors have access to all patient records and of course the Doctors talk to each other where needed.



Practice Opening Times


Monday                              8.00am - 6.30pm

Tuesday                             8.00am - 6.30pm

Wednesday                        8.00am - 12.30pm

Thursday                           8.00am - 6.30pm

Friday                                8.00am - 6.30pm


Telephone Access Times

Monday - Friday                  8.00am - 6.30pm

Saturday                            LINES CLOSED

Sunday                              LINES CLOSED







Monday AM Tuesday AM Wednesday AM Thursday AM Friday AM
Dr Thompson Dr Thompson Dr Thompson Dr Thompson Dr Thompson
Dr Gupta Dr Gupta Dr Gupta

Dr Gupta

Dr Gupta
Dr R Singh Dr R Singh  Dr R Singh   Dr R Singh Dr R Singh


Monday PM Tuesday PM Wednesday PM Thursday PM Friday PM
Dr Thompson Dr Thompson  closed Dr Thompson Dr Thompson (alternate weeks)
      Dr G Gupta Dr G Gupta (alternate weeks)
Dr R Singh Dr R Singh    Dr R Singh  Dr R Singh (alternate weeks) 




The Practice is keen to offer a wide range of services to our patients.  As a Practice we are dedicated to promoting good health and provide family-centered medical care.  We are grateful for the co-operation of our patients and hope that we can continue  work with them to achieve good health for all.


The following services are available by appointment:

Cryotherapy- This is carried out by Dr Thompson and Dr Gupta




Antenatal Care - this is provided by all the doctors in the Practice


Sickness Certificates- if you are absent from work due to illness for less than 7 days you need to obtain a SC2 form from your employer or the DSS. If after 7 days you are still unwell, you will need to see a doctor who may then issue a medical certificate. For illness of less than 7 days, a private certificate can be issued if your company requires one. A fee will be required for this item. A SC1 form, required by the self-employed can be obtained from the surgery.


Family Planning- this is carried out by some of our doctors and nurses. It includes sexual health advice, various contraceptive options including long acting methods including implants and coils and the morning after pill.




Childhood Immunisations - these are carried out by our Practice Nurse. You will be notified by post when your appointment is due and asked to contact the surgery to make an appointment for this. Please bring your childs "red book" with you so that all immunisations can be recorded.


Cervical Screening - these are carried out by our Practice Nurses. You will be notified by post when your next smear test is due and asked to contact the surgery to make an appointment for this. All results are sent direct to the patient as well as to the Practice.

Health Checks - if you are over 75 or haven't seen a GP in over three years, you are welcome to come and have a health check with one of our Nurses or GP's. We offer advice on self-care and lifestyle advice. You can also access the NHS Healthy Living website by clicking on the link below:




Medicals - we are able to undertake medicals for both registered and non-registered patients. This includes medicals for the following; HGV, PCV, Taxi, Insurance and Employment. This service incurs a fee. Details of these and how to book are available at Reception.







We are happy to undertake medical examinations (by appointment only), reports for insurance companies, employers and solicitors.  These services are not covered by the NHS and a fee recommended by the British Medical Association (BMA) (April 2009) will be required upon completion and collection of the report.

Our fees for non-NHS services are as follows:

Certificates, Forms and Reports



Insurance proposal life assurance                               £104.00


Continuation/supplementary form                                £27.00

Sickness/accident insurance benefit form                    from £21.50 - £61.50

Widows/Mariners pension certificate                            Free of charge

Passport/Driving Licence Verification                           £30.00

Private Health Verification Form                                   from  £29.50 - £61.50

Letter statement from doctor                                        from  £17.50

Medical Examination and Reports

All medicals uncluding pre-employment               from £130.00




Access to Medical Records under the Data Protection Act 1998


Copy of full manual records                                         £50.00

Extract from manual or computerised records              from £15.00





Holiday cancellation forms                                           from £29.50 - £61.50

Fitness to travel certificate                                          from £29.50 - £61.50

Disability Travel Request                                             £10.00





The Practice adheres to the Freedom of Informtion Act 2005.  You can view the website by clicking the link below:



Alternatively you can request a copy of our Publication Scheme from Caroline Whitaker, Business Manager

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